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Brush Hour 2: Inspired By a True Story

Another week, another weekly post. The gods have ordained it and so it is so. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to over the past week:


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I spent this week building and painting soldiers for my Frostgrave Warband. I now have one of each soldier type assembled (barring the hound) and will now crack on with some batch painting. In between the assembling models I painted the wizard, apprentice and treasure hunter that I’d assembled last week. I quickly realised that oil washes wouldn’t give me the look that I wanted for these guys so I’ve switched to using blue acrylic ink for the shading. I fixed what I could on the two spellcasters before using inks only on the treasure hunter. This is probably the model that I am most proud of so far. I think that the aesthetic fits perfectly with the dishevelled appearance that I’m aiming for and there was even the opportunity to try out some OSL. I haven’t quite figured out all of the tricks when it comes to using inks yet but the satin finish is perfect for the cold shadows that one would expect to find on someone creeping through a frosty city.

Combining the Frostgrave kits has allowed me to field a diverse warband. I’ve got creepy cultists, deserters, barbarians and desperate adventurers so even if they don’t win much at least they’ll be interesting to look at.

The warband has outgrown my lightbox, a milestone that I will brag about until at least this time next week


Compared to Krognak, my week has been considerably less productive. Working long days in British autumn means by the time I get home it’s time for wine, food and then sleep. Nonetheless I have had a bit of time this weekend to get things done – mostly mages. Behold the fruits of my labour:

I’ve started work on the Mordheim mage (who has been christened L Rond Hubbard until such a time as I come up with a better name), but he is a long way from finished. The oils on the robe look very thick at the moment, but should dry much smoother. If they don’t, the beauty of oils is that a bit of white spirit should remove them and set me back to square 1 with no need for stripper.

The model I have actually managed to finish this weekend is the elf mage with the blue/purple cloak I showed last week. Additional washes and oils and layers of varnish have managed to strip some of the vibrancy from his cape, but that fits better with the grungy theme I wanted for the army (now at a princely two models!). The addition of a band of decoration at the hem of the cloak using transfers from the FW Blood Angel sheet has added some personality to the sculpt.

Finally, I started tinkering with a force for the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game. I have only played one game of this, near enough 10 years ago, but it has often appealed to me. Krognak picked up some Gondorians when we visited Warhammer World a couple of years ago, so I decided to get into Mordor to oppose them, as I had picked up a metal Mordor troll in a trade when I was but a nipper. I still have the troll somewhere, so that will be a part of the force going forward. So far I just have some Morannon orcs and Mordor Uruk Hai ready to spray, led by a Mouth of Sauron model who I have converted to be a more generic leader, Anuzar, Black Numenorian captain. Not much to look at now, but give it time.

Death to the west

So that’s all we have this week. Check back next week to see what progress we have made. Smart money is on lots for Krognak, and very little for Wash. See you then!

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