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Kaldo Mare, Alive

When he reached the lands above
and sought shelter beneath God’s firmament
he forsook his birth name and that of his father,
and swore an oath not on any ring
but on his own beard.
As was the custom of his people.

The Isles of Wraxia he travelled
without a name
and many foemen fell beneath his hammer
until he came to that cursed place
the twisted city.

He made his camp amidst the warriors
unbound from their lords beneath the walls,
and soon became known among them
for the strength of his hammer arm
and stonecunning that he had learned
beneath the mountains.

A traveller was drawn to his tent
and a pact was made between them.
When it came time to give his name
he replied Khal ‘domare
which in his tongue meant
I have no name to give.

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