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Preparing for Waaagh!

When I first got into the Warhammer 40k hobby in the twilight months of 7ed, I started with a force of Bad Moonz. In hindsight, this was a terrible decision. I wasn’t able to paint them to a standard that I was happy with and spent the few games that I played getting shot off of the board. The orks were relegated to a cardboard box in the cupboard of shame where they remained for the entirety of 8ed. Now is the time for their resurgence! I started by consulting the codex for a reference image and painted a test model for the force. Painting bright yellow has been my white whale for years and I am quite happy with how it turned out on the test model. I started with a thin glaze of Iyanden Yellow over a basecoat of Wraithbone. This was followed by a layer of Army Painter’s Daemonic Yellow and an edge highlight of Moondust.

In the process of painting this model I came up with a rough backstory for the force. Bad Moonz are notoriously flash and constantly on the hunt for teef. The Orks of Waaagh! Krognak have a distinct advantage over their peers in the form of their prophet Gold ‘Ed. In a previous life he was one of the Nobz in Warboss Krognak’s inner circle. After enduring a particularly brutal blow to the back of his head for daring to doubt the fightiness of his boss’ boyz, the secrets of Gork and Mork were revealed to Gold ‘Ed. He immediately stripped out of his armour and wandered from the warboss’ camp. After borrowing (read looting) a suitable mask from a mek’s workshop and fashioning a staff from the scrap that littered the camp he set off into the surrounding battlefield. Curious orks following in his wake are often led to fights that reward them with mountains of teef. When word reached Krognak of the wierdboy he realised that Gork (or Mork) had gifted him with a teef dowsing-rod. Countless orks have since flocked to Krognak’s banner and his warband has grown into a mighty Waaagh!

Kitbashed Ork Weirdboy
Annoying, but useful

Up next on the painting table is a squad of shoota boyz to fill the air with bullets (some of which might even be aimed at the enemy). Once this squad is complete, I’ll turn my attention to a trukk to transport the boys to dakka range.

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