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What’s Next?

When we started this blog in July of this year we had planned to kick things off with a narrative campaign set in the Warhammer 40K. Unfortunately, a combination of lockdown and real-world obligations have meant that this simply hasn’t been possible. So what’s next?

For now the 40K crusade is on the back burner but this doesn’t mean that the 40K content will stop completely – we will continue to post smaller updates regularly on Instagram (follow us @disordered_retreat to see the latest 40K models gracing our respective painting tables). Wash and I are big fans of all things grimdark so expect the crusade to return to our sector as soon as conditions improve!

Our intention has always been to showcase a variety of systems and up next we’ll be bundling up our extremities and exploring the icy new edition of Frostgrave. To heat things up a bit we will be using a setting of my own creation. I’ve been working on the dead kingdom of Wraxia on-and-off for two years now so I am excited for it to finally see the light of day!

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